The Journey Begins

So here it is, my first ever attempt at a blog. After years of playing and coaching sports I have finally decided to put it all down in writing.

The beautiful thing about sports is that regardless of the results, every match has its stories. It is these stories that have inspired me to put my experiences down onto paper…print…pixels?

This blog will contain my experiences coaching real life football (or soccer for those who feet coming into contact with balls that aren’t of the spherical variety) and also my free time playing Football Manager. That’s right, to get away from my day job I play a simulated version of work, it’s the athletic equivalent of a train driver playing Train Simulator at work, except sometimes I’m on time for work.

For the all of the real life posts names will be changed to ensure anonymity.

So pull up a chair, or put down the toilet seat, and read on so I can have at least some company in a journey that is both equal parts frustration and sheer unadulterated joy.


If you don’t go too far you will never go far enough in life – Chael Sonnen


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