Rangers v Celtic

Rangers v Celtic_ Overview Overview

Well, well, well… Rangers really have struck the first real blow for Strength in the battle v Technique. The first meeting between the two sides ended in a 0-0 draw which whilst interesting wasn’t really telling, neither team had any players with full tactical familiarity, and if we are being honest, neither were close.

Yet here we are 21 games into the season and all players are now fully competent in the formations and ideologies being championed.

What is really interesting here is that Rangers had slightly more possession and Celtic committed the most fouls! It almost seems like the two decided to switch roles. Celtic initially took the lead here through who else but Moussa Dembele. Rangers however switched on the style just before half time with Bennett, who is obviously a fan of this blog, having read that he is garbage deciding to prove a point.

Mckay decided to take a day off from complaining about leaving to slot home a penalty whilst Hyndman decided to justify his loan move to score the final goal.

To add insult to injury, Kieran Tierney picked up a hamstring injury and is now out for the next month.

The transfer window is now open, moves are about to be made. Will Rangers widen their now 2 point lead at the top and push on for the title? Stay tuned…

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